Compare your electricity and gas plans and save money on your bills!

Connect and Save helps Aussies just like you save hundreds of dollars on their electricity and gas plans by comparing plans in their area, looking at the savings in real dollars – not confusing discounts – and the choice to sign up to your new plan right there!


Using a revolutionary automated system, we’ve made comparing and switching your energy provider easier than ever. The entire process takes place inside your browser – on desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We don’t call you back and make you sign up over the phone. It’s all online for ease and convenience.


All you need to do is give us your postcode or address, approximate electricity and/or gas usage for a given period, and your connection date. Then our database gives you the best plans available in your area. The power to make the right decision is in your hands. You’re done in one, two, three:

Step One – Review

To begin comparing, you need to give us your postcode or address, the amount of your last bill (or approximate), and your connection date. 

You may also choose your tariff you want – single rate, time-of-use rates or controlled load rates; this may depend on your location.

Step Two – Compare

Once your information is in our system, we show you all the plans in your area. We show you comparable savings in dollar terms – not discounts. But be sure to look at billing periods, fees, tariffs, contract types, and other benefits to get a true, like for like comparison.

Step Three – Connect and Save

Select the plan that you feel is best – and you’re done! You’re on your way to saving money on electricity or gas (or both!) We’ll collect the necessary information to start the transfer. Our servers are 100% secure for peace of mind. Or, you can elect to transfer using other methods your new retailer provides. Connect and Save WON’T annoy you with harassing callbacks.

The system can also connect electricity or gas to a new home/lease on your nominated date.

The best thing is that Connect and Save is free to use! Thanks for choosing Connect and Save for your energy comparison needs.